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Wolf Tree Programs LLC fosters healthy relationships to self and community through nature immersion and wilderness living skills. We offer a variety of programs for children and adults.

Way of the Hunt

An Intensive Apprenticeship

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The Way of the Hunt is a reorientation to life. It is a restoration of relationships long since neglected.  It is an awakening to interdependence.  Hunting is a way of life.  It is a way to shed all that we carry in our modern lives and breathe into being human again.  It reconnects us with ourselves, the land, the animals, each other and life itself on a very fundamental level.  We relearn how to participate in the essentials of life, to be provided for and to provide for.  It reestablishes  pathways of connection to our food and our community.  The foundations to all this connection is developing a high level of skill in all parts of the hunt.

We provide practical skills training and opportunities to connect with all aspects of the hunt.  Our main goal is to connect you with the power of the hunt and create deeper lasting relationships to self, community and the land.

This is our most comprehensive and intensive hunter training class to create competent, skilled, conscious, respectful hunters that are committed to the entire hunting process.

Way of the Hunt is a 8 weekend program that is devoted to giving students a solid foundation in hunting.  It is the basics we all need to be holistic hunters.

See schedule below for focal point of each weekend.


Important Notes:

  • This is a rigorous program, both physically and in terms of your input. Be prepared for long hikes, cold/wet weather and early mornings.
  • Homework will include 5+ hours of your time per month
  • This is not a state sponsored Hunter Safety Course. There is no certification associated with this program
  • There will be NO actual hunting during the program
  • Registration is for the entire program only

Instructors: Neill Bovaird & Guest Instructors

Dates: 8 Weekends
           Saturday, 9am-4pm
           Sunday, Sunrise - early afternoon
           These times are general and are subject to change on certain weekends

March 16-17 - Intro to the hunt, awareness training, tracking, setting intentions
April 20-21 - Turkey Hunting Basics
May 4-5 - Trailing
July 20-21 - Tools
Sept 21-22 - Tactics
Oct 5-6 - Scouting and setting up hunting locations
Nov 16-17 - Using the whole deer
Jan 11-12 - Wrapping the bundle

Tuition: $1600

$100 deposit due with registration. Balance is split between 2 payments, March 16th & July 20th

Food & Loding NOT included. Contact us for recommendations

Program is limited to 6 participants

Various sites in Western MA


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