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Wolf Tree Programs LLC fosters healthy relationships to self and community through nature immersion and wilderness living skills. We offer a variety of programs for children and adults.



Here's some feedback from our participants:


"My children have loved Wolf Tree for all of the obvious reasons, like it's fun and creative and adventurous.  But now that they're a little older, when asked to say a few words about Wolf Tree, they come up with things like "it gave me a new sense of the world," and "I have a deeper appreciation for the natural world now," and "they gave us the freedom to be who we are."  Not only did they learn how to track animals and start a fire, but how to support their fellow campers and how to be a good person in a community.  There is a strong and positive connection between all of the people at Wolf Tree -- counselors, CITs, and campers alike.  While there may be an organization hierarchy by necessity, it is never felt by or imposed upon the campers.  My kids felt that they had just as strong a voice, as important an opinion, as the older campers and counselors.  Wolf Tree is not only about living with and appreciating nature, it's just as much about respect; for one's self, one's community, and one's environment.  We feel so lucky to have found Wolf Tree!"

- Lydia Peterson, parent


"Wolf Tree has been so meaningful to all three of our children. It is part of their inner self and
they will carry it with them always. At Wolf Tree they are given the freedom to explore and make
choices, and the tools to guide their learning. For six years Wolf Tree has been the first priority in
planning our summer. Every year the children come home filled with wonder, appreciation, and new
information about nature, as well as hilarious tales of games, jokes, and stories. Even when they are
only there for a week, they feel a sense of community that starts at 9:00 the first morning and
culminates in thoughtful and honest appreciations at the end of the week. Neill and Moses are some of
our favorite people. They are incredibly talented at building a community in summer camp and after
school programs where kids can feel respected by adults and peers alike. My children want me to list all
the incredible staff, but I think it’s enough to say that we love them all. We are all so grateful to have
Wolf Tree in our lives."

- Sarah Bing-Owen, parent

"We’ve known Neill Bovaird for many years now as he has been a main participant in the after school care for our son. In that time we have come to not only appreciate him immensely for the great care he has given our son but also have come to admire him for the amazing amount of knowledge that he has shared. Neill has a vast knowledge and appreciation for nature and man’s place in it. He has a perspective that is somewhat rare in these times – he really cares about the environment and he wants to teach young people all the amazing things there are to learn about our surroundings. But the coolest thing about Neill is that he makes that process fun. Our son would come home every day with some new nugget of information about deer, or oak trees, or building a shelter in the woods, or squirrel sign that he learned from Neill and yet it was never in a way that was forced or overly-structured. In this way all of the kids in the program simply absorbed what they heard and saw every day outside with Neill and therefore it was so much more real for them than if they had learned it in a classroom. Neill also was able to let kids be kids, but within a safe and nurturing environment. My son came home dirty every day- I mean he was able to roll in the mud if he wanted. He could pick up anything he could find outside, he could climb high, or crawl low, or tromp through a swamp if he so desired. But the kids were never allowed to speak harshly to each other, or to harm each other or any animal. My son always felt that he could tell Neill anything that was bothering him and he would be heard. But they also told jokes... My son is now 12 years old. The things he has learned from Neill will be with him forever. He now treasures times when he can sit outside in the woods and just listen, inevitably he will see or hear something that Neill taught him to notice and appreciate. We can never thank Neill enough."

- The Kneeland Family, Ivoryton CT

Our daughter has had the pleasure of working with Neill Bovaird and his team at Wolf Tree for over two years now, much to our collective appreciation. Sierra (11 years old) loves, loves, LOVES her days with Neill at Roots!! Without exception, she comes home brimming with happiness and enthusiasm for her time at Roots.  Neill has built a beautiful community of children and adults, and my daughter feels very much a part of that. She has learned so many skills, such as making fire, shelter-building, tracking, etc. But more than that, she has learned to respect the Earth and its creatures. A priceless lesson.  Neill’s program has been life-changing for our daughter. We are honored and grateful to have Neill in our lives. Words can hardly capture how much his guidance and role modeling have meant to us.   -Pam Victor & Jeff Hausthor

My kids LOVE Neill and Wolf Tree Programs!  They have been working with Neill for 3 years now and have had an incredible learning journey along the way.  Neill is a skilled mentor and really loves the kids he works with; he is deeply committed to the children and to his work and is highly skilled in the primitive arts.   As the Board President of the Vermont Wilderness School, I know all the talented wilderness educators in this region and Neill is truly one of the best.  We are so lucky to have him here in Montague and I would recommend his camps and programs to anyone. -Becca Martenson, Montague Center

My son has benefited enormously by taking part in Neill Bovaird's Wolf Tree programs, gaining not only invaluable naturalist training and survival and wilderness skills, but also a deeper respect and understanding of the natural world, community, and self.

Neill infuses his programs with a refreshing combination of genuine compassion, rich experience and knowledge, a real love for what he does, and a spirited playfulness and humor that puts everyone instantly at ease.  He shares fluidly and generously his wonderful stories, his deep wisdom of the land, and his impressive skill set.  As well, he is able to tap into that greater collective wisdom--that we learn best when we learn from each other within a supportive, encouraging, stimulating environment--and bring out the best in everyone.
Thank you, Neill!- Liz Gardner