Wolf Tree Programs LLC fosters healthy relationships to self and community through nature immersion and wilderness living skills. We offer a variety of programs for children and adults.

A Window Into the Past: Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands


A Window into the Past offers a full-sensory experience that enriches and expands the curricula of schools, scout groups and libraries.  By learning about the daily lives of indigenous peoples through our one- to two-hour interactive presentations, students deepen their natural curiosity for history, ecology, social studies, and science programming. 


Our demonstration paints a vivid picture of the prosperous lives led by indigenous peoples of North America prior to the influence of western culture.  Students engage with the progression of ideas, skills, and tools that supported these societies from the last ice age up to the Contact Period (circa 1600).  Topics covered include bone & stone tools, fire-making, basic hunting tools, and beads and jewelry of hunter-gatherer societies of the Paleolithic age. 

These demonstrations support the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework.


Programs are led by Neill Bovaird, Founder & Director of Wolf Tree Programs LLC. 




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