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Wolf Tree Programs LLC fosters healthy relationships to self and community through nature immersion and wilderness living skills. We offer a variety of programs for children and adults.



Adult Programs

Wolf Tree Programs LLC offers a variety of adult courses in primitive technologies, wilderness living skills and animal tracking.  Courses range from day programs, to week-long workshops, to monthly intensives. Custom programs are available upon request for individuals and small groups.   All courses are designed to give students a hand-on approach to learning.


Youth Programs

Wolf Tree Programs LLC offers several youth programs that allow children to be outdoors in a fun and safe learning environment.  These include day programs for homeschoolers, after-school programs and summer & vacation camps. Through these, Wolf Tree helps children develop a strong sense of place and an intimate connection with nature.


Presentations & Field Trips

Wolf Tree Programs LLC Founder & Director Neill Bovaird offers presentation in a wide variety of setting, from public schools to adult groups. Content focuses on primitive skills, perspectives on life in a native village, naturalist knowledge and ways various things from the land can be used to make tools like baskets, cordage, stone tools, etc.