Wolf Tree Programs LLC fosters healthy relationships to self and community through nature immersion and wilderness living skills. We offer a variety of programs for children and adults.

Hide Tanning

For thousands of years humans have been manipulating animal skins to make anything from clothing to containers, crafts to blankets. In this 2-day program we will transform deerskin into useable buckskin using the wet-scrape method. Steps will include, skinning, fleshing, dehairing, softening, smoking and crafting. Participants will leave with a small piece of hide for personal projects.

Dates: April 21-22, 2018

Times: 9am-5pm each day

Ages: 16+ 

Location:Montague, MA

Instructor: Margaret Ranen

Tuition: $200 includes all tools and materials. 


This is a hands-on and physically intense workshop.