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Wolf Tree Programs LLC fosters healthy relationships to self and community through nature immersion and wilderness living skills. We offer a variety of programs for children and adults.


Wolf Tree Forest Kindergarten - a Field School for Children Ages 4 and 5   


Looking for a creative, lively place where your young child can connect with nature to grow and thrive?

Wolftree Programs announces our new Forest Kindergarten program for children age 4 and 5!

Come with us to explore woods, fields, and streams, while joyfully building awareness and connection to the natural world. Through storytelling, visual art, songs, playful games, and free play, we will learn about this great, gorgeous, incredible world we call home, while gaining focus, stamina, self-confidence, and a sense of wonder. We are a small group with no more than 10 students and 2 teachers. Immersed in the rhythm of the seasons, we will experience authentic learning by following our interests and the lessons the woods offer us. You can be sure we will be peeking under rocks, wading in streams, creating incredible art, building fairy houses, watching clouds, and listening to the wind through the trees. Journey with us, there’s wonder to be found.


4-5 years old
Must be 4 by September 1, 2019


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:00-1:00


Scholarships Available


Brook's Bend Farm Montague, MA


Sept 10, 2019 - June 10, 2020
(no class Nov 28, Dec 19-Jan 7, Feb 18-20, April 21-23)




Deborah Bazer, M.Ed.



Family potlucks Sept 19, Dec 19, June 11 


Wolftree Forest Kindergarten – a field school for children ages 4 and 5


By encouraging an awareness and love of the natural world, we can set in motion lifelong patterns whereby the children of today become passionate, creative thinkers and the future stewards of the Earth.

When many of the world’s creative thinkers, artists, scientists and the like have been asked what they attribute their creativity to, their answer so often is that during their childhood they experienced long stretches of free, unstructured time in nature.

At Wolf Tree Forest Kindergarten, we roam, play in, and explore the woods; learning together how to navigate our world. We are immersed in the rhythm of the seasons, learning to notice the changes, and connect to the beauty and richness of the land. Each day we will go to the woods, brook, and field to explore, to be active and to be still, to observe, to draw, dance, or paint what we experience. We feed our curiosity and develop a sense of wonder of the excitement of living in this world.

Nature connection and rich sensory experiences develop confidence, coordination, empathy, and cooperation in young children. It also builds the foundations for higher math, science, and language skills. Children learn by taking risks and exploring their environment. In the Forest Kindergarten we establish a safe space to provide opportunities for children to challenge themselves while developing problem solving skills. 

In the Forest Kindergarten we spend nearly all our time outdoors. An on-site yurt provides a cozy spot where we can warm up by the wood stove on very cold days; drawing, journaling, or reading, but most of our activity will be outside.

Being immersed in the rhythms of the seasons, children learn that they are connected to and are an integral part of the natural world. The teachers of the Forest Kindergarten act as facilitators, honoring the children’s ability to find the lessons that are in the woods, fields, and streams. We as teachers, gently guide them to come closer to finding the answers to their own questions. We will also help narrow the focus or broaden the view depending on what is needed for each child to get the most out of their exploration time. Mostly, we will create a safe space for children to have the freedom to grow physically, emotionally, and creatively.

Children are nurtured by a balance of structure and freedom. Boundaries to help them to feel safe and freedom to make choices, develop ideas, and thereby strengthen confidence.  Our program strives for authentic learning that follows the path of what interests the children from their exploration and observations of their environment. While we have a structure to our day, we also have the flexibility to welcome in the lessons of the forest. Songs, stories, visual art, open-ended, and guided play are woven into the day to promote compassion and gratitude of self, community, and the earth. 

The Forest Kindergarten program meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm at Brooks Bend Farm in Montague, MA. We will have access to a composting toilet and a small yurt with a wood stove during very cold weather. In order to participate in the Forest Kindergarten, your child must be fully toilet-trained and comfortable using the rustic facilities independently or with minimal assistance.

*This is not an accredited school.


At Wolf Tree Forest Kindergarten you can be sure we will:

– build with mud and rocks in the river

– practice being still to listen to the raindrops

– create nature-inspired art

– learn by doing

– get really wet and dirty, learn how to get clean and dry

– balance and climb on logs

– build fairy houses

– experience rich imaginative play

– build self-confidence

– learn to take care of ourselves, each other, and the earth


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