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Mildly Ill Participants and Medication Administration

If a participant is mildly ill and does not need medical treatment bring the participant to the designation medical station located in the nearest facility.  Allow the participant to get some rest and contact their parents/guardians. If the participant is not feeling better after a half hour or so, the parents may pick the participant up early from camp after the Director is notified.

Parents/ Guardians who’s children need to take medications during camping hours will need to fill out a prescription medications form provided by Wolf Tree Programs. Parents/ Guardians shall provide the program with appropriate written authorization and the medication before any medications are administered.  Medications must be in the original container and labeled with child’s name, name of medication, directions for medication’s administration and date of the prescription.  Participants will be administered the medication only by the camp healthcare supervisor. All medications will be kept in a lock box at all times. All unused medication will be destroyed if not picked up within one week following the camper’s departure at the end of camp. Only parents/ guardians of the participant taking the medication can drop it off and pick it up from the Director of Wolf Tree Programs.